Saturday, January 10, 2009

Goin' Home... :)

Nothing beats the excitement of going HOME :) The last exam is the subject that suffers the most! And to add to it, we had a holiday before the last paper. Well, you can imagine how the day must’ve gone. The very thought of going home is something that traps you from all the directions and wouldn’t let you go! Studying becomes out of scope! Believe me! But then, that’s relative. It happens with nutcases like me each time I go home!
That feeling of meeting those who you love the most after yourself (now don’t get me started on the selfishness :P )!! Meeting Mom. The warmest and the most soft-hearted person in your life! Hugging her, sleeping with your head on her lap, getting pampered after the long while that you’d been away from her (she misses you equally! Rather more! :))
A Mom is someone who would always be an exception to my previous, lengthy and silly theories of selfishness. Well, its clich├ęd now, but true; and I lOve repeating truths :) You never know! It might open the eyes of at least one of the thousands reading it! :P "A mom can never be selfish. Never. She’ll be thinking of you even at her toughest times!" Even if she’s counting the last few breaths of her life, she’d be wondering how your life’s gonna be then and would be wishing great happiness for you." That’s a mom. :)
Anyways, coming back to my selfishness ;). I love getting pampered by mum on going home. Eating that heavenly food for which you cribbed all your (quarter) life! Well, that’s one of the most important things that calls you home in that excitement phase! The other important things include, your bed, your room, your tv, your bike, your bf/gf, your fav hangout places, and the list goes on.
I don’t mind dedicating a couple of posts to my dear loved ones!! It’ll be too long though, so I better fragment it down. Have already started with mom, my best friend, the best person I know on earth. And the following posts wouls include few interesting facts about pops, and bros, too :P

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