Saturday, January 10, 2009

Goin' Home - II

Papas need no description. The coolest person in family. Fun to be with. Hardly cares about the li’l stuff around! By the way I never understand why there’s a bitter chemistry between a son and his dad. Think about it! You’ll see this very often!!! I’ve seen this in many homes!! As usual, my head has no other sane job to do but analyse such baseless things going around!
Well, donno what’s it that controls the chemistry between a son and his dad. What I feel is, being two males of the same family, they can’t digest dominance of the other! This is about adults not kiddos! There’s this li’l generation gap as the sons love to call it. I feel, its all about the ego. They get this superiority feeling (the sons) and do not find the ol’ papas brainy enough to understand the stuff around and end up calling it the gen-gap!
It might be that gap factor, but being a person very concerned about the relations and stuff, I think it’s useless to call it a gap and to find yourself better! Instead fill the gap guys by li’l efforts of yours and make things better for both the parties!! By the way, guys of course share this very good rapport with their pops at times, but then, life’s not always Raj and Pops of DDLJ :P
Weird "mentality" stuff and all that! All I believe in is "love, respect and worship your parents." This might seem like a Karan Johar movie script. But then, my head keeps making me filmy’er by the day!

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