Saturday, August 9, 2014

Its Bro Time :)

Wow. Its been ages since I last came to the blog. What better than an idea of sharing about the time with my brother all these years on the occasion of Rakshabandhan. It used to be such an important and festive occasion. More so for the gifts I had the right to ask for and that moment when he touched my feet and that would be the only time throughout the year when I would feel like the elder one. In our tradition, it’s the brother who would take blessings from the sister irrespective of who’s elder. Which by the way was quite cool. When we were little, it used to be a trade for the special sweets post the aarti. Yes bro, you want that sweet, how about touching my feet and making me feel like the king ;)

I say king cos I’ve always been the favorite tomboyish sister to all my bros across the extended families and neighborhood. Except for my elder bro. He hated me. We hated each other very righteously. Who do you hate the most would be a question in a friend’s scrapbook, and we would reply with each other’s names. I love to recall the crazy fights for the left out chocolates in the fridge. I barely got any! OR maybe if I yelled “Mummmyyyy….”, I would get one thrown on my lap immediately :D. That was the strategy; my only way to get things out of my brother. Now all his fault - these were the reasons I became such an annoying sibling. For every little thing that he would do to bug me, I would raise my voice or run to mom for justice. And it would always be in favour of the younger one!! Obviously I know why he hated me so bad :D

Its been almost a decade and it still makes me so pissed to think that I used to always be the Luigi in Mario games, I would have to be the player two in Contra :-( and always lost in mortal combat for no damn reason. Maybe I was just bad at playing it. Yet I hate Him for that! The fights to get that one cupboard from amongst the two. And then fight again for a swap because his mind had changed about the one he liked :-/. Now was it my fault that my handwriting was better and He got scolded for the stupid scribbles he did on that homework notebook!!

Had super violent fights from throwing legos and pens at each other to He dragging me down the couch to the bathroom door :-/ I hated him I repeat! While growing older we did take advice from each and started liking each other for when we thought it was a wise suggestion. We would run away from that feeling as soon as it hit the head that we had liked the other for something. That wasn’t possible!

The permanent argument of who is loved more by the parents never ends. But through these years its been fun. I’m glad I had a big brother in the school days to always feel like I know a senior dude and he’s my Bro, yeah! I’m cool :D. We still hate each other and still fight. But its rakhi and its time for him to touch my feet to get that sweet! All my blessings to him for an awesome life :)