Sunday, December 21, 2008

We must give things a try….

(heavily loaded stuff) (read at your own risk) :P

You cannot change something that you’ve ruined. In life… You always regret about some things done by you to some nice people you know. Of course you must’ve been sorry or guilty about such things later on, after months or even years in many cases. But never be in despair. Because the good news is, ANYTHING and everything is repairable. If you’ve been unreasonably rude to someone, or even for a valid reason so; when you’ve abused or cursed someone on the face, or hated someone to the core for some period of time. If you’ve been too selfish and realizing now that it was a very mean act, and thousands of such silly acts that you’ve been doing from past few years, over and over again with different people in your life, your mom, dad, bro, sis, best friends, and others; the list of deeds and their victims goes on and on. All I wanna convey is that it IS possible to repair these losses, if you REALLY wish to. Never look back is what we’ve heard till now. However, I would like to say “DO turn back!!” Seeing what you’ve lost, certainly, is not going to make you feel great, but if that loss is made by your own hands, it is alterable.
Its kinda absurd, I know, to think about looking back and repairing the stuff that’s already been screwed up and even forgotten (if not forgiven!) by the concerned people. But if and when you give it a thought, sometime in life, maybe a few years later, you’ll yourself wish, for things to be good again. Nobody wishes to appear as a rude or self-centered person in front of the world. So, at the end of the day, it’s these feelings that you would get….”I Wish, I could….turn back time…..”
Of course you can!! Nothing is wrong if you heal a wound. Do away with your egos. They’ll take you nowhere but closer to your evil side!! I read it somewhere, “Apologising doesn’t mean that YOU are wrong and the other is right…it only means that you value the relationship much more than your ego!!!”
Now, give a thought, recall from your memories… if there’s Anything that’s making your face :( from :), DO consider it. Give it thought for a moment and think what if you corrected your mistake(or whatever it was, maybe right according to you at that point of time when you did it ) and change things back to the good of both (all) of you. Call him/her up, whoever it is, bro, sis, friend,… and make the two of you happy!!!!
You’re both happy when its all solved. None of you is content when there’s this life-long cold war, or no realization of the fact that you hurt them at some point of time. After all, each incidence is a chapter in the diary of your life. And who would like a chapter to be ended with grudges and frowns and disappointments and regrets. Make Your Diary the best of all. Filled with happy pages and thus, a beautiful story to leave when you go.
It’ll bring a smile to your face! Go ahead!! :)

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