Monday, October 11, 2010

A Dedication

There was a time when an overdose of you irritated me to the core.

Every predictable reaction of yours, gradually seemed so boring to me.

The trips with you on the then new Mumbai Local trains seemed fun initially, and became a usual practice later; while we focused on the other things in life, like, which side of the station was Bandra East :P (Refer earlier blog posts please)

Today, I stand alone, eat alone, commute alone, look at Gaiety Galaxy alone…

I seek your great company to feel that same irritation all over again, which probably I might not ever get…

I die to see those, oh-so predictable reactions, the times when I know what your opinion would be on a particular case and yet I would wanna discuss it…

I crave to tease you for those silly habits of yours; the teasing that you hated at a time and I’m sure you miss getting really pissed off at those times..

I travel on the local trains of Mumbai alone, looking at the groups of friends cracking up on a joke, or even crying together at times… And I wonder … All I wish is one more trip with you in those trains and I would hold it all, capture the moments, never let go of the memories then…

I wish to take you to Bandra East now and show you how much more I know about the city :)

I never knew I would miss those moments so badly someday, that a million thoughts would occupy my mind at once & I won’t be able to pen all of those down….

I realize now that the things that might really get on to you, can turn to things that you would long for in the days to come!

Now that’s what I would term as a real friendship, that kept me all alive throughout the days while we were together, in college, that let me spend those years being completely the wicked, silly, naughty, stupid, lazy – ME.

I am sure my children would yell “Yeah Mom, you’ve told that story a whole six hundred and seventy nine times already!! :| “

Dedicated to the most special bond that I am gifted with: Friendship.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Di - ding (3)

Growing up: Is a transition
From: the phase wherein u would cry out loud n seek being pampered by everyone around;
To: the phase wherein u cry out loud deep inside n yet let none notice it ... :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Time ... and TIED !!!

Shifting from New Bombay to Bombay was a drastic change in itself! Used to be all chilled out and free back then. When I came here, it was more of anticipation and excitement in mind than any other feeling! Have started “working” finally!!

Should I blame the city for keeping me so well engaged in the long commutes and activities? Or should I still stick to the fact that I’m really falling in love with it!! The air here manages to keep me all alive and charged up in the crowds and even in my sweats!

For the crazy organizer that I am, it sometimes eats you up! Here’s how! ... Well, I am one of those who would have their days and weeks well planned; their activities chalked down on their to-do lists almost daily!! And how it eats you up is, no matter how much I try, it never happens! I never complete the list! And what sucks is that it bothers me bigtime to keep the stuff pending! Believe me, it feels like it’s all piling up your head!

Late at nights, when I’m still trying to get some work done, it really baffles me to see that there are still few things waiting on the list to get Checked while its already the last time I could’ve blinked my eyes for the day!!

Still, to get a little sound sleep I would convince myself saying that I’ve worked up to and at times over my day’s capacity and need some tight sleep now!! :-/
Can’t even stay up late at nights like I used to, at Kharghar, ‘cos I simply can’t afford to ! :(

Well, this is how I “usually” expect my days to go!

Half of which is left unchecked at the end of the day! It’s a snapshot of one of the smallest “to-do” lists of mine.
Now, either I’m expecting too much outta my days or I’ll really need 30 hours a day to stay content! The worst part is that the pile of pending stuff is inflating by the day and I’m sure of not getting a 366th day of the year for clearing it!

Days come and days go, I’m the same; rushing to office, seeking a little physical and mental rest at the end of the day, trying to keep it all perfect and yet I think, doing too little for it! :-/

This is how I’ve been for the last few months… But I still would love to mention; I love Mumbai; for some unknown dumb reason. I’d rather start learning to manage all this than blame the city for it!!

Some MBA gyaan for time management pls!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I wish...

--> I wish we could eat with both the hands at the same time, non-stop, not care about spilling it, enjoy the food & yet not explode our tummies!

--> I wish we could love many gfs/bfs at the same time and yet none of them made a stink!!

--> I wish we could scream, yell, dance anytime in public and none called us insane!!

--> I wish we could hit the sack for a couple of days at a stretch in hibernation before we felt like going to work!

--> I wish we could say mean things to people on their faces while they got deaf for sometime!

--> I wish we had soap bubbles all around us 24*7.

--> I wish it rained loads every time we got all tired and sweaty!

--> I wish we had li'l rivulets rather than the footpaths, so we could walk our way back home through them after work, with the awful formal shoes in our hands!!

--> I wish the puppies never became big dogs and stayed cute forever!

--> I wish everyone was of the same height, so that the darned heels never came in use; also it would be easier for everyone then, to kiss!!

--> I wish the hot celebrities lived like everyone else, so they would be more accessible :P

--> I wish the scary creepy bats never came out to fly even in the night & if they do, they better get slower and colorful!

--> I wish more animals lived in the cities with men & anybody could eat absolutely anybody, thus doing justice to all ;)

--> I wish telepathy was really a strong thing; things would become so much easier when you have to utter no word!!

A lot more to add to the list... Later !!
Keep :)

Di-ding (2) !!

Why does every relationship have a shelf-life?... Usually, a shorter one for the good ones :)

Di-ding* (1) !!

Life is a Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Paper Set!!

--> The sad part of the fact is, you can choose only one option for each question, while the other options may (and WILL) seem too close!! :)

* Di-ding's are the "di-dings" that buzz in my head once in a while...Moreover, they sound better than ta-da, ting-ding and dhan-tanan! :P

Happy New Year!!

Felt jittery thinking I will be “working” in a few days… The nostalgia of last two years always dominates those jitters. However, there’s an excitement about the days approaching. Will I be able to manage this softer side of mine with the whole hectic life was a question I was asked in one of my personal interviews. I'd said I will manage! Hope I do!! Jittery, nostalgic, nervous, excited, happy, ebullient and what not!! :)