Saturday, January 10, 2009

bindasss jinekaaa.... :D

Why is it that people say, "I’ll treat them as they treat me?" Rather, WHEN is it that people say so? There’s this saturation point in everybody’s patience levels. When we reach this point, we care the least about other’s feelings and care the most about ours. You’ll meet millions of people in your life. You’ve been meeting new people each day right from the day you were born. You met your siblings, uncles and aunts after your parents. You grew up and met new teachers after passing each class in school. You had new friends in each class you went ahead, though you had this set of friends which was common throughout your school life. Maybe you changed your Best friend nominees each year. Some of you even got the privilege of having new Best friend every year ;) (we were kids way back then! ) and it was alright and too innocent of us to do that.
However there’s a sound reason behind it. After some point of time, people start bothering your patience. Each new person you meet is different from you in many ways. You have to sit with some of them in your class in school, you have to share your tiffin with a few of them, you share your bike with them in college as you are neighbours, you share your room with them as you’re roommates in the darned hostels :), you share the common office email groups as you (unfortunately) work in the same team!
You have to adjust in life is what your parents teach you, referring to your siblings as well as your friends. You do that all your life. You adjusted with the not-so-cool classmate in school, you adjusted with the not-so-kind-&-polite bike partner (we call them petrol-partners! In short, PPs), you adjusted with your rude, insane & impulsive roommate, you even adjusted with everyone weird at your workplace, but where does this lead you to? At the end of the day, deep inside, you really feel like kicking their a**es and staying happy and gay! Why do we need to be polite, why do we not care, why do we not make them realize they’re wrong, and irritating, and silly, and childish. You feel, and some of you even follow "I’ll behave, the way they behave with me!", "I’ll treat them as they treat me". "only that’ll show them how pathetically wrong they usually be!"
But is this going to take you anywhere!? Ask yourself when you decide on such things! Its worthless to spend your li’l usable mind on people like this, and on planning how to behave with people like this! Everybody has their own limited time in life. Spend it on something fruitful. You were not sent to give brains to others! Make the best out of your time. There are many things in you that are yet to be rectified. Better not find faults in others n try to solve them. Rather, study yourself and spend your precious time on yourself. Now don’t become self-centered in the process. The point is, there’s no use treating people bad just because they treat you bad. No use being childish and stupid to people to prove that they’re being childish and stupid. They’ll grow up on their own. You can just pray that they grow up Soon :P
Don’t let your mind get all pissed off just cause the other person is unbearable!.... don’t bear him damn it! :) Leave him. He’ll grow up soon and come back to you someday when you’ll smile at him, just like the way you did, while he was busy showing his immature behavior and traits :)


  1. ~Off Topic~
    One thing that i have observed in your blog is that most of your posts are informative. I myself think on same lines as you do and have found examples to every situation. To make it clear, I gave up this theory of " I will treat them as they treat me " and ya, the person came back to me smiling (and he was changed) but i am still not able to find an example (in my life atleast) of the theory "Insaan jo bhi REAL main chahta hai na ACTUAL main wo use milta hai".
    Did it happen with you ?

  2. well, its a movie dialogue i told. Donno about myself, yet i do think its right. Unless u try to change what's happening to u, that thing WILL hapn to u, that means u were aware sumthing lik dat was gonna happen yet u dint put eforts chnging it, DAT in turn means jo b banda REAL mein chahta hai ACTUAL mein usko life se wo hi milta hai !!
    if u want sumthng REAL MEIN ul make eforts to let dat hapn n wont go with the flow of wats hapng to u .....