Saturday, January 10, 2009

Goin Home - III

Big brothers are real hitlers in your lives. Hah! If He reads this, its gonna be another War! :P They’re great buddies when really in mood and always the protective types! Esp for sisters, these elder brothers are like more-than-dads most of the times! (More than dads! Hah! That reminds me of their dominance conflicts! :P) Its great to have big brothers though! The grass is always greener on the other side so we do feel at times, "I wish I had a sis, wish I had a younger bro, . . ." But I personally feel, a big bro and a li’l sis is the best combination ever! The silly tiffs, the silly arguments, the silly competitions on eating, studying, getting a bike earlier than the other and the list goes on. . .!
Those days were fun indeed. I really miss those days when we fought for silly little things; comparing things and each other. Here, away from home, I can only recall a bit from the blurred memories and can smile. Whatever may be the intensity of a big bro’s anger or "hitlerity", its always fun to spend time and recall the time spent, together. I’ll cherish those beautiful moments with all of my loved ones always. Well, it’s getting too nostalgic!!
But then, on your way back home, the fourteen hours that you get shouldn’t be wasted in sleeping or worrying about the stuff currently going on in life! This time, that you get is priceless, on way, in train, between your hostel and the home-sweet-home. It’s a beautiful time and way to give some time to the thoughts related to your loved ones.
While in hostel, you’re busy hanging up their calls because of your busy schedules (of the hell you live in). I made a lot of this time that I got here, in the train, lying on the upper berth, carrying on with things to add to my "Contemplation".
If ever, you guys go through such weird nostalgic sessions, do give the thoughts a bit of time. Moreover, let "them"’ know you love and care! Letting them know is something very important and a very precious feeling for them. Keep loving. You have loads of love in your heart. Let it out for everyone around! Stay :) !!

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