Sunday, November 9, 2008

Life at ITM so far…

It’s all been great in here. I was looking forward to this from so long!! Meeting new people, life at a B School and all that! Well, as far as the school is concerned it’s good enough. Tests, presentations etc. they keep us busy. And about meeting new people, it has been a wonderful experience!! In the four years of engineering I have made quite a few friends. I always wanted to see what others were like in the school that I would join for my masters. Coming to finding faults, I had always been around weird people in my college. Well, I have better words for weird, like immature, childish, not-at-all-what-they-shud-b-at-20!! :P But that would just make me rude!! ;) Of course, the best of friends that I’ve ever made in my life are from my engineering college…J (love u guys!!) Coming to Mumbai and knowing people from all parts of the country is interesting. People right from Udaipur to Guwahati, Kerala to Lucknow. It’s like, whole India, in here, working together. People with work-ex, freshers like me (farzi engineers rather), all under one roof; get to learn loads from each one!!! Anyway, that’s d story of a B school, which, I guess everybody enjoys and learns from. We have a wide variety of people..some I really like and admire..some I hate to the core..some others who barely get noticed. Some come here with a secondary aim of getting engaged..hah! It’s really fun to watch.. We see people trying to get hooked up. We see seniors (couples) all deeply engrossed in their (so-called) love…

Gelling along with roommates was another interesting job, but not at all difficult…I gel well with people soon.. I’ve always found a big difference between the gals who’ve studied at an All Girls’ school and the gals who’ve done their schooling from Co-Ed schools… well that’s quite interesting… on one side we have those gals who’ve never had boys around and go crazy about them after coming into co-ed colleges, and on d other side we have gals who have al brains to know and behave with guys ( I have studied in co-ed each time, for info :P )….its fun watching those other kinda gals goofin’ around in college, gossiping about them… but bitching is another word that’s a part n parcel of hostel life (gals hostels Esp ). I somehow don’t love doing it, yet of course am a part of it during the sessions at hostel at night. Its fun :P I find fun in everything we do in here. Having late night snacks after the pathetic college food, which barely fills our tummies, is another thing that we’ve started doing in here. Each time I make this big decision of eating more fruits n having healthy food, staying away from junk food, I end up eating outside food that very night. My laziness has no limits. Maybe its because I get tired (but that’s definitely an excuse)…. Laziness to d extent that I wouldn’t go to the water cooler in the neighbouring flat and get a bottle filled up even if I’m dead thirsty… spoiling my own health, but then it hardly matters. The only time I realize it is when I go home and eat mom-made food, and when people say “ohh you’ve gone thinner, are u not eating well, poor girl, working so hard, has so much to study in there” hah. Who knows it’s not all about studies!! :P its all my fault, not taking care… hey! I finally found a fault in myself too!! :P sometimes its good to deviate from the Capricorn traits… something positive!! :)

All this has been going on from the last five months. I hope I improve myself, become more responsible, lesser lazy, work harder, blah blah blah!!


  1. Hi Dear,
    Well, maja aa gaya padh kar..looks like first time hostel..But great to know your thinking and or kya likhu..apna Hello to roj hota hai..

    But, you wrote really well.


  2. hey Gudia,
    Sahi hai yaar, bahut mast likha hai... Full of life... enjoy every moment...
    keep on updating it... i will definately read it again...
    Take care n all d best