Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Combating insomnia…

Hate to think about last night when I couldn’t sleep for a couple of hours… out of these hours, few were gone in assignments, and the rest precious golden( gold is precious, u know!! Esp des days :P ) hours of my life, were gone in struggling for sleep!!! It was one of the worst days of college... Loads of assignments to be submitted on Tuesday! Yeah! We still have those Scary Sunday nights when we sit and complete our assignments all night, sometimes racking our brains to do them and sometimes(most of the times) editing and copying each others’ stuff! :P Along with this we have that horrifying thought of getting up early in the morning for the <(don’t wanna use slang words!!)> Monday Yoga session!!! But this was different! For a change we were supposed to submit the assignments on Tuesday and this Monday night was thus made memorable!!
We go through that “stayin’ up for long, at night” phase very frequently! But this Monday night I truly experienced the disorder called insomnia. It was atrocious! I finished my assignment asap. Being an engineer helps :P You’re used to doing that silly work(Esp. Copying) fast! Completed it all expecting to sleep as early as possible as I was extremely tired after the hectic day. Everybody else in the flat was still doing the work. Taking the blanket and sliding myself inside it, I tried to avoid the light disturbing my eyes which were deep in sleep and eyelids drooping as if they had some Kgs of weight tied to them. That reminds me of an episode of Tom and Jerry where Tom was deep asleep but had to keep a watch on Jerry and hence had stuck two matchsticks between the eyelids to keep ‘em open, somehow! I hope you all remember the episode I am talking about! If not, Get a life!! Go watch some T n J dvds :P !! Anyway, I was there inside the blanket expecting to sleep as soon as I get inside the blanket. But all my expectations were proved wrong by this disastrous disorder. My roommates as well as two other friends were all in this room completing the darned assignments. But things went worse when they decided to do it with the music on!!! In hostel I’ve observed one thing. You go through such times when: You feel like staying alone, isolated, in solace, in solitude, or you feel like listening to frustoo rock music in high volume, or you feel like running somewhere to some nice calm place and find peace, or just go alone for a walk so that you get some space and time for yourself. It happens!! Happens with me and I always try to understand if it happens with someone else. But it’s not always right to consider such things for others….!! My dear roomie kept the songs going for hours, in high sound. Initially, the great person inside me thought it’s ok, they must be in that mood of listening to (loud) music. But the songs wouldn’t stop!! :( I thought of telling them to lower the volume as each song ended, but couldn’t (for some unknown reasons) at the end of any song! Gradually, many songs passed by, many minutes, and hours passed by. My scene: I am hiding inside the blanket, trying to prevent my eyes from the light, and covering my ears slightly to avoid the disturbance, and my mind riding the roller coaster of thoughts which in turn is stopping me from falling asleep!!! This happened for more than an hour. When I came to my senses later, I saw my roomie waking me up to shut the door as she was going out, early at dawn!!
Man! That restlessness for those couple of hours was so bad, I felt like running away, or grabbing some sleep somehow, or going home to mom and sleeping in her lap, or crying out loud of the frustration! And all this for what !!? I could’ve said and my friends could’ve turned the music off. Donno why I didn’t do it! Don’t know why I chose to struggle rather than sleeping calmly. I only invited those frustoo hours for myself. Anyway, that was last night. I am sleepy now and wish to have a sound sleep tonight!! …. Zzzzzzzzzzzz,……..zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  1. really great to hear your experience..well, next time se jab bhi sona ho..do come to my flat.sab jaldi so jate hai.and atleast jab koi sota hai to koi disturb nahi karta...