Thursday, November 20, 2008

Keep on movin’

It’s still going on… dozing off in the lectures, being completely blank when a professor pops up a question in the class, then striving hard with the li’l bit of the common sense that you have, to answer it so that you don’t seem dumb! (…as dumb as you are :P )
We had a few long minutes of meditation last time in the yoga sessions. Well, meditated methodically for the first time. Believe me! It DIDN’T work AT ALL!!! My restlessness crossed its limits; it was far more than what it is during a regular stressful day. I really wanna know how people meditate for hours! God! It was few minutes (Around 10-15; and I felt as if it was around an hour or even more!!!) of extreme brain-torture! The instructor asks you to shut your eyes, clear your mind of all the thoughts, concentrate on some darned spinal cord image in your head, imagine various different colored parts of it. Was not getting anything outta what he was saying. All I felt there was, try sitting straight (Erect- this is not easy guys, if you’re not used to it and that too for so long) and then think of concentrating on the spine!! Somebody tell him that if we sit straight we need to concentrate more on the posture, do hell with the spine! :D Anyway, all thoughts of the world come to your mind during the meditation (especially when it’s your first time!!), your eye balls keep moving inside the compact space of the closed eyes rigorously. Each minute, you try to open your eyes for a fraction of seconds to see what’s going on around. Hah! All this and more, completely killing the motive of the yoga sessions, which is, probably, to make the students stress-free. However, it’s nothing more than a punishment that we go through twice a week, early in the morning!!
After screwing up the first trimester, I had made many resolutions. They’re all predictable and need not be mentioned!! (Frankly, writing them down would make me more guilty!) Evidently, I haven’t put many efforts in going ahead with the resolutions. Still getting pathetic grades in mid terms, even in the subjects that I had really studied :P Got good/over average grades in a couple of courses like HR and marketing; but then two subjects do nothing to compensate for the Great losses in the rest of the subjects where I’ve got horrendous grades or expecting to get so!! There’s no alteration in the amount of masti though!! But it’s time to get serious! Every day there’s this one moment, when I feel, “its time to get serious now! :|”. But then, you know how li’l moments pass by :P

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