Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hope it has stopped…

It was a horrifying event indeed. Whole Mumbai was in chaos for 3 days. And is still not feeling as secure as it felt four days ago! An unexpected disaster. Destruction of lives and wealth. Taj, Oberoi, NAriman House, You’ve read it all in the newspapers and seen it all Live on the TVs. Seeing it live! Thank God I could’nt see it! We do not have TVs here, that’s why I couldn’t watch any of the live telecasts of the massacre. Wondering why I’m thanking God for that!? Well, just by reading the newspapers and hearing to latest updates on phone, I was heartbroken. So shocked, that the thought that something so huge and brutal was going on on the other part of the city kept me up at night. I was disturbed all day because of the impact that the news had left on me. I kept praying for everything to get alright soon. It hurt so much. Reading about people who had lost their loved ones, about those who witnessed it all inside the hotels, who saw people shooting nonstop and blood everywhere. It kept me pathetically disturbed for two days. Worst was hearing about the CST station. It’s one of my favourite places at Mumbai. I love the place, its ambience, its structure. I just love it. Well, if nothing else, that’s where I start my journey from when I go home. Hearing about firing at CST made me feel creepy. I was able to visualize it all and that scared me to the core! Just imagine the sight, people ready, waiting for their trains to their hometowns or other places, who would’ve never thought that they wouldn’t leave the station at all. They wouldn’t reach those places ever. That would be their last hour of life!!! It’s very sad. We’ve already read several news on this and we really don’t know who to blame. That an individual opinion. Recalling it still disturbs me badly. If this is the case then just think of those who are directly related to the incidence in some way; be it the hotels, the tourists, the people, the policemen, the NSGs. Its SAD.

Anyway, All my mumbaikars will come out of this soon and be back in action. No one can affect our spirits so easily. The repairs however would be difficult and time consuming.

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