Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In the end…Its al about the “ME” (You)…

It’s a real deep thought, of quite many days by now. Do good for others, for friends, for mom, dad, bro, sis. Rack your brains for finding out solutions for these loved ones. Ultimately for what, your own satisfaction!? People say its ultimately for your own selfish motive of making yourself happy, by that feeling of satisfaction which you get after helping others. Indeed! I have a friend who always said to me, “you do too much for others and ultimately what happens is they almost (always) forget you, and what you’ve done for them”. He always wished (and still wishes) that I would stop doing this Generous job and “being so good” to whomever... Being Agony Aunts these days does no good he says. I feel how selfish of him to say that; it’s always good to help people out. But then ultimately I am convinced by him that what I feel is equally selfish and done for my own satisfaction. Whatever! Leave it all!!
That reminds me of another friend of mine. A True taurian!! Well, I have some hidden chemistry with taurians!! (That would, however be discussed later in some of my posts)
True taurian. Stubborn. Considering herself self-dependent, which taurians always do! (I am trying not to get into the whole taurian debate, but cant help it!!! You see, some hidden chemistry !! :P) Phew! Coming back to my friend, we see many such people around. Each one who reads this would relate to some or the other friend of his/her.
“You must not do this, dear, its really not good for you!” Imagine this being said to you by: Firstly: Your best friend, your girlfriend/boyfriend, or any of your friends.
Secondly: Your mom, dad, bro (if you are a girl), sis (if you are a boy).
I bet, you would take it differently for both the cases. You wouldn’t like to hear it from those in the Second case!!! Even if you do, it’s too heavy for you to bear!! In our words “ It Sucks!!”
If it’s someone from the First case, its too soothing to your ears, you feel they care so much about you. You’re ready to listen to them and follow what they say (even though they say the same thing as do your parents or siblings, Believe me!!) I don’t understand why this difference!!!
Even I am among these people. Each one of us!! I find only one word revolving around all this : “Ego”. Your own parents criticizing u, giving u lectures, your own brother or sister giving the old Gyaan really pisses you off. You feel you know it all, and its really kinda awkward “listening” to them. The SAME thing said to us by our dear friends feels such music to the ears! We start feeling they care a lot about us, rather More!! That Might be true though, in case of a few unfortunate friends, but it’s All In Us!!... ”Humari Soch!!”
A new friend made, even on the internet seems to care a lot. Do you even know who he/she is! Where and on which part of the world!! Is he really the way he talks or behaves! Why is it called the “virtual” world then, if they’re all True!! That’s something which can have varied arguments! The point is about our own Self. If we believe something’s right, we do it, IRRESPECTIVE of others’ opinions about it!!
Donno what brought me to this thought. Getting crazier day after day. Things here, seem to suck you big time! The little time you get in the whole day is at night, you get into the daily frustoo mode, criticize everything around you, turn philosophical and even philanthropic, or may even turn up to be a misanthropic or cynic in the end!! Arrghhh! I am at a loss of words now!!

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  1. Wow!!!
    You think a lot and expressed it very well.
    You know what, we both think on similar lines. There were days, when all these thoughts keep pouring into my mind and especially these relationship kind and i totally agree with you, but dont go in deep of these otherwise you will only get confused bcoz some questions dont have answers, this is what I know..