Monday, March 9, 2009

The way we live here...

Kharghar is a nice, clean hilly place in Navi Mumbai, very unlike Mumbai! And believe me, it’s completely unlike it! Clean roads, greenery all around, lesser pollution and lesser population too! However, your habits at Kharghar make you seem ridiculous in rest of Mumbai. Absurd to believe, but true!

It happens many a times when we visit main Mumbai – We ask the rickshaw or cab driver “Bhaiya, kitna loge?”, (receiving that weird look which says “hop in kiddos!!”), before realizing that it’s not Kharghar!! And that the Meters DO run at other places! Neither do we have to plead them to take us! I would share one of such pleading experiences of Kharghar in my next post. . .

Anyway, the usual morning classes drag you outta your bed just a few minutes before the bus timings. In MBA, no matter what all you learn from the college and life in the two years, you definitely learn time management! I never knew that a person could bathe, get ready, have milk/a fruit* and be all set to leave for college in less than half an hour. Maybe fifteen minutes! Well, I won’t forget to mention my dear roommate who has even done the above in merely five minutes and has yet been successful in catching her bus on time!! The hostel is at about 5 minutes distance from the college. And for the 8.30 classes it’s very often that you miss the 8am bus. We go, looking for auto rickshaws, and rarely find any nearby.

In Kharghar, we have found that the auto drivers apparently drive as their part-time jobs as they have lot more work to do other than their transport job! If you do find one after a long struggle you have to agree to their prices. The autos here do not have the meters running!! So they all, in agreement, set some prices and we have to pay it no matter what the distance is! Huh! Monopoly you see! Well, It IS a matter of concern when you live in hostels. When you check your expenses at the end of the week or month, you quite often end up feeling either guilty or sorry for yourself – because most of your expenses were on cabs and food!! Don’t wanna get into the food thing now!! We spend on that coz its Really very difficult to gobble down the canteen food at times! Most of the times!

And by the way, every time you check your weekly/monthly expenses, you end up making a resolution that you will not eat out from tomorrow(not just to save money, but coz anyway junk food IS junk indeed and gives you no health factors!).. You decide you would spend that money on fruits and juices instead(which never happens after a couple of days of following the rules!)

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  1. Hmm, no resolution is indeed taken so long..
    So keep eating and enjoying...