Friday, February 13, 2009

Experiencing the sand rolling down your fist is indeed a depressing moment. Things going outta your hands… Feeling like “Maybe this is what is meant to be…”, “And what I had dreamt of was not feasible at all..”. These are very powerful negative feelings. Once you open doors for these, they’ll take time to leave you and would surely make you weak deep inside. We dream of thousands of things; we do have thousands of dreams which we think of making true someday. Most of them are long term.
God watches everything; He knows what you really want and importantly what you deserve. It’s a great saying, “If you wanna make God laugh, tell him your plans!”. Very well quoted. Our life has already been planned, very well, even before we could think of it.
What we do is try a hand at guessing what’s next. We dream of many things and also plan for many. You may end up with a failed plan, you may come across a very strong feeling that your long, well-chalked out plans have gone in vain and you might have to go on a new way leaving the one which leads you to your dream. But what I personally feel is, no matter how bad the current situations get, no matter how strongly you feel that you’re not gonna see THAT day as you had dreamt of; something good will come outta it. God allows you to go ahead with a plan only if He really wants you to!! And out of it, He either wants you to live your dream and get that ultimate happiness OR He wants you to learn something really huge from it. No efforts ever go in vain. No dream is left unfulfilled.
Your hands would never lose all of the sand. . . either you’ll get all of the shore, or you’ll at least learn what it really meant from the cold palm that the sand left. . .
Staying positive takes nothing. Getting negative thoughts needs just a little, a hairline diversion from positivity. It will make you weak from deep inside. It’s better to realize the fact that “you’ll never be left alone, empty handed”; and go ahead in life welcoming things with a smile :)

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  1. definitely philosophical but equally real. dreams are the things everyone should have, they help to always be in the race of life. our dreams plan our life, belief in god is good thing, but it is we who actually can plan things as we want. It is possible as mentioned in your second para, it is just that how positive you are and want to be.
    it was nice readding the last part, very important. :)