Friday, March 27, 2009

'Many things that i hate.........

i Really Hate It

1. I have to search for veggies out of a vegetable sandwich.
2. The shopkeeper doesn’t give me 5 Star Crunchy (worth Rs.12) for Rs.10, even when I promise to give him the change after the lecture : (Even after my great loyalty towards his store!).
3.The laptop hangs right when I click on an important link.
4.My clothes-to-be-washed are deep in lather/detergent and the water tap and tank betray me.
5.I am all drenched in sweat and come back home to find no electricity.
6.I take a new pair of sandals to wear from the shelf, while rushing for the bus and find it full of filth and dust.
7.People sit with their legs cozily spread in local trains when the trains are jam-packed, difficult for others to even stand on their feet.
8. People pretend or really do not remember names.
9.Girls sing out loud believing they are the only disciple of Lata G unaware of the fact that they’re not near to even Aditya Narayan (He’s Udit Narayan’s son, if you’re Pretending not knowing him : ).
10.People (esp girls) in the same (so-called) group bitch about each other.
11.Our warden gets into giving lectures on the society we live in when we are actually asking about simply holidays.
12.We call a restaurant, after long minutes of deciding what to order, and he refuses for the home delivery.
13.My tall friends wear heels and prove me Even shorter.
14.Anybody says he/she doesn’t like kids.
15.People dispose off their used band-aids on their beds.(I’ve seen this!).
16.People dig their noses in their reverie, not realizing that others have stereoscopic eyes.
17.People turn American when it comes to ordering in a restaurant or a smaller food joint rather where the waiter replies embarrassed in hindi.
18.People feel English is the only dignified language on earth.
19.People block the airtel network during the happy hours making it difficult for misers like me to call good ol’ friends.
The I-hate-it-when list goes on… and it keeps getting appended each day. This was a snapshot of the list.

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  1. hmm, long list dear....
    I hope it will get shorter some day...