Monday, March 9, 2009

Auto! Eh! Will I reach home today!

There was this tiring and hot afternoon when at around 3 pm we decided to go back to hostel and take some rest, maybe a li’l nap… There we go in search of rickshaws, right under the hot sun. We actually had to start begging from far away before it reached us to say “Nai, udhar nahi jaega!” :| We would cry out to each auto “Sector – 21” and every damn one would refuse to go! Completely worn out, and when we almost gave up, one of us suddenly realized she’s hungry! She went to a nearby shop to get some snacks packed. Meanwhile, we got an auto who said “ok jaega!” They have choices here, you see!!
“Bhaiya, Please do minute rukiye!” (Our friend was still in the shop paying for the snacks!) And there goes the noble man in a very rude and hostile tone! “Jaldi bulao, Mujhe aur kuch kaam se jana hai!” Now what other work does he have other than this rick we thought! We yelled at Ms.Hungry while she came running after a few heavy-handed minutes that we spent in the auto, waiting for her. The minutes in which the driver kept whining about how we were wasting his precious time while we kept praying for her to be back asap!
Finally she hops in and we all heave a sigh of relief that we WOULD reach home today, and that we had caught an auto in the end, no matter how busy he was with his own schedule! But this doesn’t end here. The climax is just about to come! Right after getting into the main road and passing a quarter of the distance, our dear friend notices the shop guy had forgotten to give her the Jalebis. Hell! “Bhaiya, wapas wahin le chaliye!?” And… Shoot! “Pttchh! Mujhe kitna kaam hai!! Abhi 13 rupaye lagega, and fir mai jaega!”
“God! Do whatever! Just take us there and don’t kill us!” We were already too frustrated after those long tiring and hunting minutes. Hence, we went for the Jalebis and left the busy auto walah! Took the damn snacks and headed for the hunt, yet again! No auto – either not ready to go, or no auto at all for many more torturing minutes. I walked through the market and decided to buy some fruits (as we always made rules but never actually went to the nearby vendors to buy them!) As soon as I asked the vendor to pack some grapes, my friends grabbed my hand and pulled me into the auto they had finally conquered!! Finally we got an auto who dropped us home – Tired, sweaty, frustrated and with no fruits!! :’(


  1. Another excuse for not having fruits...

    hhahahaha....anyways, totally agree with you and thus i always make a point to catch a bus...

  2. maybe you could have offered him a jalebi to placate him ;)