Saturday, April 11, 2009

Those Innocent Eyes. . .

I was walking to hostel the other day and found a li’l angel standing with his back facing me, his li’l bums facing me rather. :P He was a poor kid, his shirt all torn to rags. He had only a top to cover his body, which in fact revealed most of it. Nice long hair, chubby cheeks. He turned and stared at me for a little while and gave me a wide flawless smile. Oh! How do I describe it! That smile, really made my day. I had almost set my cell out to capture him in the camera but a friend dragged me away for some work. After the darned work we headed back home through the same lane. I wished I could see him again. I did see him; hung to his mom’s waist with the clutch of her thin yet strong arms. He was weeping, and finding his mom in shear rage, I could not dare to take his snap. I wished he glanced at me again with those gleaming eyes, but that didn’t happen and we took off. The li’l episode made me wonder about the innocence of children and how much I love them!!

I am almost crazy when it comes to kids. I loved Ishaan Awasthi from Taare Zameen Par (not his rabbit teeth, I Loved the way the film-maker projected his character and showed various imaginations of a child’s mind); I loved Jamaal from Slumdog Millionaire (how cute can somebody be!). I love every baby I see on my way to the college. I am glad about the fact that we have thousands of young married couples here at Kharghar for whatever reasons. But I enjoy this demography when I visit the parks and see the little sweethearts running around, exhausting their poor parents, who have to fetch their toys each time they throw them far away. I wonder what fun they find in tossing away their toys. By the way, if you haven’t experienced it yet, try it out, its Real fun throwing away things here and there and not being punished for it! Learn such things from kiddos. Great stress busters. I’ve never done it to get rid of my stresses though, but thinking of doing it the next time. Seems like fun when I think of it :) Anyway, I was at the parks. I see them fighting with their siblings for their toys, for the hold of their dads’ hands; I see them looking at the stars and wondering God only knows What! They stare at bikes, dogs, cats, toys, lights, exploring each of them in their li’l minds, running their brain waves at secret angles. I can go on with billions of my observations of kids!!

I don’t think there’s any better movie made, completely dedicated to children, other than TZP. I love it’s tagline: Every Child Is Special. How true is that! I love and would recommend (Rather request :) ) all my readers to watch the video which concludes the movie with the title song TZP. Watch the video and do pay attention to each word of the lyrics. Please do! I am sure you will fall in love with them :) The video, the song, is like an asset to me in my collection! I might be getting overwhelmed with this but that’s what touches me the most – Children!
There’s nothing more pure in this world than a child’s smile and nothing more innocent than a child’s eyes. Give them a glance once and you’ll get it all! :)
Go, fall in love!

Keep Smiling :)

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  1. hmm....frens dis gurl z nt almost crazy...c z completely nuts wen it cums 2 kids...i criously recommend u all nt 2 visit her place wen u hav ur own kids wid u. PLZ. neways a nice post i mus say. thank god u dint gt a chance 2 capture him in ur camera or else batch A wud hav had a rough tym seeing an unusual desktop wallpaper.jus kiddin dear. all of us appreciate ur luv 2wards kids. take care