Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Few Random thoughts...

Does our real strength lie in others? Or is it just hidden inside us and we need that kick to realize it? It happens several times that you have thousands of questions in your mind and you’re looking for their answers and find none! Then maybe someday you discuss a few things with someone and suddenly get apparent answers to your questions. Does someone’s support have such a big impact on you?

Well, even if it IS so, one shouldn’t mind! Doesn’t make you any smaller taking help! The point is, are you weak at introspection that only a push given by someone else makes you work on things!? Do they need to remind you of your strengths? Or do you get THAT busy with your schedule that you can’t get time out for yourself and the days pass by in the flow, week by week!?

Like the several bailouts going on around, I think each one of us also seeks a stimulus package in times of our own recession! :) The fact is, we indeed are strong enough. We’ve heard this umpteen number of times that “God gives us problems, but also gives us the strength to deal with them!”.

The difference lies in realizing your strengths. We often get weaker on seeing consequent problems in life, unaware of the fact that we surely can handle them well!

i've met people who very well know what is to be done in life furthur, in order to improve it, to take it ahead, to give others, to get and what not. and YET i've seen them doing nothing about it. They started working on those things only after getting that nod from their friends and those much-imp-Shoulders around!!

By the way, there’s a great importance of the person coming in such difficult times to give you a shoulder to cry on or a pep talk when it’s the most required! Believe it or not, everyone around seeks for one such person…someone to confide in…

Love all, share your thoughts with others, be there for others and life would get so much more content!!!


  1. real strenght lies in ourselves.. sometimes we find it from introspection and sometimes other people's comments, suggestions, advice helps us to find them..
    either ways it is helpful..
    one should be able to take advantage of both without hesitation and egos..
    the last para is very true.. :)