Friday, May 15, 2009

Do you have it in you??

Do you do the following at times? Even by chance…. It was not involuntary for sure, but we’ll come to that later. Do you remember such situations having occurred to you?

.... Your volume is as high as a loudspeaker in a room, talking to your friend, sitting quite close to you, while there are other people in the room uninvolved in your conversation?
.... You are almost screaming about some good news/bad news in your group even though you are all already standing in a bunch together, chatting?
.... You keep your chat (gtalk, yahoo, etc) signatures like a sad smiley :-(, or a senti personal message which you would’ve wished to convey to someone or some people from your chat list?
.... Do you bang things on the desks in your work place or classrooms and look for somebody peeping at you?
.... Do you act absurd in public places like corridors, cafeterias, like jumping around from here and there (not realizing, you’re not that school kid anymore).
.... Do you write your sad life’s sad stories as your taglines on google, orkut, facebook?
.... Are your conversations with your friends around audible to the whole room ever?
.... You know somebody appreciates some silly habit of yours and you, not so accidentally, repeat it, waiting to see the response secretly?
.... Do you act innocent and unaware about it, when somebody notices you after all of the above weird stuff you do?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then I am sorry to say, you had/have a disorder known as ASP. Which is the Attention Seeking Problem. Don’t feel bad, it happens to almost every human being at least once in a lifetime! It happens because of lack of self confidence or lack of that love or concern in life. Blah blah!

Well, it happens to those who need people’s attention badly. Guys grow up! Chillax. Pay more attention to yourself, you’ll soon become worth people’s attention ;)

You might be trying for it by the above techniques and many more of them, but it’s really annoying for the people around, and you better stay unnoticed than be hated :P
Come outta your shells. Duniya dekho! Jiyo aur jiine do!

Stay original. People would themselves come to you. Do not manipulate. It sucks! Everybody around you is smart enough to understand your manipulations and believe me, nobody buys it!! Be original if you can, otherwise, Don’t BE !!


  1. ha ha ha ha ha ROFLMAO!!!

  2. do you have any of those in you... :p

  3. LOL...maybe...i ve written...evry1 has it once in a lifetime atleast :P

  4. Hey gud 1 mate..... U c ur crap really sells....Nice 1....n keep it up...