Friday, May 15, 2009

A lovely drizzle for the city’s relief

It was a really tiring week, and it’s lovely to see the weekend appearing so close (even though this Saturday is not an off! :-/). Well, this all-week work has really made me so lost! Even though it’s pretty exciting, I barely take time out to Contemplate :P The summer internship is really keeping me away from my blog! Anyway, it’s a great experience to work. Being a fresher I was really looking forward to these two months, and till now, it has been okay. And getting better by the day, of course! Hoping for a rocking summers!

Coming to my hometown, the orange city, it’s been a bad summer this time. 2009 has been a lot hotter than before. It even touched 48 degrees this time! Phew!

Anyway, it was yet another tiring day today but I was glad that Sunday is approaching and I’ll be able to socialize a bit!!! And my happiness was doubled when I peeped outside the office window to see the leaves getting wet. The lovely smell of the wet earth made me so delighted! O my God, it’s raining! Yeah, yeah, only Nagpurians can understand the importance of this soothing pour after experiencing the 48 degrees!!!! It rained cats and dogs for quite sometme followed by the pleasant shower. It was a beautiful sight. Throughout my way back home, I enjoyed the splash of the raindrops on my face, on my tired eyes, smiled all the way riding my bike, getting a few ‘eh!’ glances of people(I might’ve looked silly but at least I made them smile for a while ;) ). Loved the flowers on the roads making my way through more splashes of water, not caring about spoiling my white churidaar :P It was fun indeed.

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