Thursday, December 11, 2008


Went through a li’l thought process the other day. Yet again! :P
“Your thoughts become things” is what I read in a book yesterday. It’s so true. I’ve been quite in the frustoo mode from a few days.
Always being the one who cracks non-stop jokes in the group and getting the crowd to smiles, often leaves you not-so-having-fun actually. Next time notice the person who plays this role in your group. Every group has one such guy who would be there always to bring smiles, always cracking jokes. Believe me, that person would be one of the deepest thinkers(or with loads of stuff in mind, whether sad or unhappy) in your group. “Tum itna jo muskura rahe ho, kya gam hai jisko chhupa rahe ho” is a meaningful song indeed!!
Anyway, at the end of the day, it’s me with myself, discussing it all in this li’l head of mine! Discussing things about the day, the people around, the people away : ( , the people I can’t stand, and the people I really miss.
I am also like just anybody else out here. The negative part of things has been attracting the magnets of my mind more from a few days. People who I can’t stand and why, why are people like that, why is this happening, etc. , are a few of the negative thoughts that have been creeping in my mind from quite some time now.
But it really helps you in no ways whining, complaining about the things around or even people around. If I complain, I bother myself by thinking so much over the stuff I dislike. On the contrary, if I ignore, I’m far away from the negatives around me, which are better not realized. Instead, it’s better to focus on “what I want to happen?”. It’s a universal fact guys. All of you reading! It’s a request!
Concentrate daily on “what you really want outta something, outta life!?” and all you’ll do in return for this thought is, work on it and so you’ll be more focused on the positives, rather than the negations in your thoughts, which go like,…”I hate it when…”, or…”I don’t want this to….” …!
Believe me! Thinking that(-ve) way!?? It sucks!! Of course your mind can’t stay blank. The thought process keeps going all day. Feels great when you really focus on the positives. You feel better. You suddenly know what you’ve gotta do with yourself and you’re then busy working on it rather than complaining about others and other petty issues going on in your so-happening life : )
Everybody has problems, big or small. The difference is in the way you take them and go through. Make things better, not worse! Think and be positive and stay alive! : ) keep smiling. There’s SURELY ATLEAST one person who loves it when you do that!!
Remember kareina’s dialogue of Jab We Met “life mein jo b hum REAL mein chahte hain, ACTUAL mein life se humko wo hi milta hai!!” Think about it! :)
Phew! Enough of my gyaan!


  1. your gyaan is a realization that every person should have.. actually they get but some can understand it and some cannot..your blog would be helpful for those who dont.. i have always thought the way it is in your blog.. that reaqlly helps..bye!!

  2. hmm, bahut sochti ho tum...kya main tumhare liye yeh kahu.tum itna jo muskura rahe ho..
    Really, tumhare blog padh kar mujhe apne post yaad aate main kuch time pehle likhti thi and abhi yeh sab baate dimag me aati nahi..