Monday, October 11, 2010

A Dedication

There was a time when an overdose of you irritated me to the core.

Every predictable reaction of yours, gradually seemed so boring to me.

The trips with you on the then new Mumbai Local trains seemed fun initially, and became a usual practice later; while we focused on the other things in life, like, which side of the station was Bandra East :P (Refer earlier blog posts please)

Today, I stand alone, eat alone, commute alone, look at Gaiety Galaxy alone…

I seek your great company to feel that same irritation all over again, which probably I might not ever get…

I die to see those, oh-so predictable reactions, the times when I know what your opinion would be on a particular case and yet I would wanna discuss it…

I crave to tease you for those silly habits of yours; the teasing that you hated at a time and I’m sure you miss getting really pissed off at those times..

I travel on the local trains of Mumbai alone, looking at the groups of friends cracking up on a joke, or even crying together at times… And I wonder … All I wish is one more trip with you in those trains and I would hold it all, capture the moments, never let go of the memories then…

I wish to take you to Bandra East now and show you how much more I know about the city :)

I never knew I would miss those moments so badly someday, that a million thoughts would occupy my mind at once & I won’t be able to pen all of those down….

I realize now that the things that might really get on to you, can turn to things that you would long for in the days to come!

Now that’s what I would term as a real friendship, that kept me all alive throughout the days while we were together, in college, that let me spend those years being completely the wicked, silly, naughty, stupid, lazy – ME.

I am sure my children would yell “Yeah Mom, you’ve told that story a whole six hundred and seventy nine times already!! :| “

Dedicated to the most special bond that I am gifted with: Friendship.


  1. Amazing :) Truly Feelings Exemplified :)

  2. No words !!.... may u b blessed wid dis gift always ..