Saturday, January 9, 2010

I wish...

--> I wish we could eat with both the hands at the same time, non-stop, not care about spilling it, enjoy the food & yet not explode our tummies!

--> I wish we could love many gfs/bfs at the same time and yet none of them made a stink!!

--> I wish we could scream, yell, dance anytime in public and none called us insane!!

--> I wish we could hit the sack for a couple of days at a stretch in hibernation before we felt like going to work!

--> I wish we could say mean things to people on their faces while they got deaf for sometime!

--> I wish we had soap bubbles all around us 24*7.

--> I wish it rained loads every time we got all tired and sweaty!

--> I wish we had li'l rivulets rather than the footpaths, so we could walk our way back home through them after work, with the awful formal shoes in our hands!!

--> I wish the puppies never became big dogs and stayed cute forever!

--> I wish everyone was of the same height, so that the darned heels never came in use; also it would be easier for everyone then, to kiss!!

--> I wish the hot celebrities lived like everyone else, so they would be more accessible :P

--> I wish the scary creepy bats never came out to fly even in the night & if they do, they better get slower and colorful!

--> I wish more animals lived in the cities with men & anybody could eat absolutely anybody, thus doing justice to all ;)

--> I wish telepathy was really a strong thing; things would become so much easier when you have to utter no word!!

A lot more to add to the list... Later !!
Keep :)


  1. I wish life was shorter,
    and flowers don't die...

    I wish I could dance anytime in the roads and not give a shit of being called Insane...

    I wish I had the capacity to love unconditonally like the puppies or the dogs...

    I wish rainfall never stopped, and I never stop writing or reading or thinking or dying...

    I wish life meant more than chasing success, money or fame...

    I wish we celebrated death as we do the birth, making people fade away a celebartion of life..

    I wish a wish that wishes were horses, I would be the first beggar to ride !!!!

    CHEERS !!!!!

    10 pints and a curry