Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Swirls in Your Head,,,

When you complain about something, what is the reason behind it really?

Is it because things are not happening the way you want!? Or is it because its “their” fault, that the people concerned are not behaving the way they “should”…

Who decides this “the way they should be…”? Isn’t it You! You like a person for the way he is, not just because you’re in a good mood at that point of meeting…You like him for what he was. Now do people change? Or is it only the circumstances that change?

People are always the way they were, the way they have been. That’s what makes each person unique right! (Try to change yourself, for good or for bad, to test this. Deep inside, you’ll be yourself only, at the end of several trials)

So one thing’s clear, that people stay the same, the circumstances change and what changes with them is the way of seeing things.

And what explains that?

Well, you “label” people differently, you like a person for no big reason as such and hate another person simply ‘cause you do! You like being with a person, that’s something You have created in your mind…

So, comin’ back, do people really change with circumstances or do these labels that you set get altered?

Sometime ago, you had labeled a person as a really nice person. Today, if he doesn’t behave as expected (as labeled rather), you complain about him!

Can you really complain when it’s all in your head? Can you really expect people to behave the way you want them to? Do you change your mindset about people simply when they fail to be the way you wanted them to be?

All the questions probably end at another one… What do you concentrate on, more, in a relationship… is it about giving in, or taking from, a relationship?

A balance between the two would make life too simple to live!! :-)


  1. ..y think so much at al?
    Just accept people the way they are, irrespective of the circumstances.. the one stop solution to these issues is avoid judgement, mindsets, or rather confining people to your understanding.. wtever one's understanding of a person maybe, it still is barely 2% of what that individual actually is.
    People are the way they are cos of the situations they've had to just needs to learn to accept people(unless of'course they've done something horrendously wrong to you or against your set principles) there'll always be exceptions, worry nako karne ka, bindaas jine ka

  2. I liked your comment...esp. the line that says "people are the way de r cos...." Nice! :)
    thank you for the comments madame!

  3. :) ..thts a direct qoute frm an oriya friend of mine during one of our mindless chats.. he reiterated my thot in the simplest way possible :)