Thursday, November 26, 2009

I am a power gal. or am I ?

What a day!!
(Note: Beware! Good use of the word "Powerful" in the following post!)

At Bandra station. Highly determined to have a great lunch after being completely fed up of the boring bland college mess food.

Thinking over the places worth going, keeping in mind the expenses that need to be kept within limits. Always have been in the Bandra west, we thought of going the East side this time. And this “we” includes just the two of us.

The powerful Shweta asks her dear friend, not to worry at all, we will get down, take an auto and end up somewhere good, it doesn’t matter if we’re new to the place we can manage! Come ON!
They get down a particular staircase, see people queuing for tickets, see JUST a couple of autos at THE Bandra East gate and still don’t get that it might be a wrong exit that they’d taken.
The o so powerful girl is still encouraging the friend to go ahead…

They take a left turn from the exit just because the powerful one feels it’s better to take a lesser crowded way out. They walk and they walk. Few little houses, few paanwalas, few kids playing on the lane, few kabaadiwalas, . . . they’re still not getting it!!! Is that how a bandra east station exit should be like?

They walk faster because it starts seeming creepy now (rather than taking an about turn to the safe station). They see a completely secluded area, railway lines on the right side, trees on the left.
Where are we, where are we!!! Are places like these called “no-man’s land” ?

In the scorching sun of the late noon, they are still walking, the powerful girl boosting the courage of her friend that it’s all gonna be okay, it’s not a very wrong place, we’re gonna get outta here soon to the busy streets… (Thinking “hopefully!!” )

Finally, some mortals here and there, some big scary guys throwing huge stones on the electric poles for no known reasons. All of them looking at the two girls as if seeing a girl for the first time. “what are they even looking at, dirty, silly, cheap, pervert guys!” thought the powerful girl, still not realizing it’s not a great area to be in!

Hoping for a better scene ahead, they speed up. The powerful girl still encouraging her friend, cracking jokes so that she doesn’t worry much, cause then she herself would have two things to worry about; first how to get outta there and second what to do of her fifty kilograms heavy friend if she collapses.

A long time passes in this whole walking and hoping and getting dreadful feelings. Finally a group of middle aged “uncles” appears. Well they too look dangerous but suddenly they’ve become uncles cause they look lesser horrifying than the guys that they left behind.

“Uncle, where’s the exit to the main road from here?”… Oh the powerful gal speaks!

“Beta, where do you exactly wish to go?”… Uncle still not understanding we’re SO lost!!

“uff uncle, don’t u understand! I mean where exactly!! We don’t even know why we came to bandra in the first place!! For God’s sake!! Anyway how should I keep things safe now before my friend yells that we’re lost and makes it even more unsafe!!” ... The Powerful girl Thinks !!!

“Well, uncle, we were actually looking for an auto or a taxi, there’s none here! So . .. if you could..!”

“o yes, you’ll get an auto nearby, go straight towards the railway gate, cross the lines, there you’ll find ‘Gaiety Galaxy’(it’s a mall she thought) and loads of autos there.”

They both leave the place asap and head towards the gate, which has not come into the scene for many minutes now! Finally, they heave a sigh of relief on seeing a railway gate, cross it right a second before it closes down on their empty heads, and again, a long walk to nowhere.

They thought they would cross the gate and the mall would appear out of blue; the existence of the human race would be witnessed for that matter, after the long walk in nowhere!

They walk through some government offices, come across some babus of the offices abusing everyone else in the world while sipping their teas…

“yeah, there are human beings here, follow those decent looking uncles, they look civilized, we will get through this!!”… Of course, it’s the powerful girl thinking again!

“Is this bandra at all or are we out of bandra??”, shouts the friend. And we get the point why the powerful girl tried to keep her friend calm, controlled and quiet. Cause she spoke once and made quite a few heads turn!!!

“Shushhhh…. ok shut up, we’re almost there!!”


GAIETY GALAXY. I love this mall... Is it a mall or just a multiplex?... So many people! We are back to the city where PEOPLE live!... Is it a multiplex?... Everyone seems to be waiting outside for some movie show to end!... Are there no stores inside? ... Its too ugly and badly designed to be a mall! ... What is that chick wearing? ..Ooh, nice hoops.. Oh, her friend looks better! ... What a crowd at Bandra man,.. we must come to bandra more often,...oo nice guys, or should I say ‘Eye tonics’ !! ... Is this a mall?? ... Forget it!! Lets get outta here!


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  1. amazing narration.. cud literally feel u ppl goin thru all these stuff as u wer narrating..very well described !!! :)