Sunday, October 4, 2009

Show Me The Meaning

We all strive to find that something in our life that would really make a “difference”. A difference from what? From our routine-regular-nothing special-about-it life? There’s always something that is to be followed or to be fought for, in order to move ahead!

A wise friend once said to me: “Don’t be life a leaf, just going with life the way it (the wind) is taking you. Be a river rather; striving for more, through the stones, mountains, barriers and throwing aside the little pebbles that it comes across now and then.”

They say times have changed. Yes they indeed have; but it’s US who bring about changes!

It’s all in your “Vision”. You see as much as your vision permits. Even biologically! Some get lenses to improve their deformed or weak vision, while some get binoculars to broaden their pretty much healthy vision!!

It certainly comes with experience! There was a time when Richard Branson was planning his big business and thinking of earning loads of money, in his teens; while at the same time, maybe our mothers were being forced into child marriages. Its really amazing to note!! However, it’s only after these few years of experience, today, that our parents want us to get what they couldn’t. They finally have their visions broadened!!

Why do we call them “visionaries”? It’s their vision that drives them towards something really huge. Nobody’s ever too small to dream. Have several dreams, dream big, have a vision for your life!

Only these will drive you towards a better tomorrow, a better You!!
Dream tonight, of what you really wish to get outta your life; be it career, and individual goal, or your family, or anything else!

Unless and until you dream, nothing is going to push you towards it. Life has become too convenient, sitting at home, reading blogs…

Your dreams are the drivers! Wake up! Rock on!!

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